What are our school operating hours?

The schools open at 07h00 to receive children.

Our school day starts at 08h00 and ends at 12h30.

There is a waiting class until 13h30.

Our aftercare center is available for children until 17h30.

How much are the school fees?
How do I enroll my child?
How big are the classes?

Ages 2 turning 3
18 children per class

Ages 3 turning 4
18 children per class

Grade 00
20 children per class

Grade R
25 children per class

What does a typical school day look like?

Campus One (the year your little one turns 3 and 4)

08h00     Play time

08h30     Morning ring, Theme discussion, Creative Activity

09h45     Outdoor play

10h25     Twinkle time, Snack time, 2nd ring

11h00     Outdoor play

12h00     Tidy up, Twinkle time

12h10     Story Adventures, Nap time

Campus Two (the year your not so little one turns 5 and 6)

08h00     Twinkle time, Early morning ring

08h35     Creative Activity

09h15     Tidy up, Outdoor play, Twinkle time

09h45     Mid-morning ring, Snack time

10h40     Free Outdoor play

12h00     Twinkle time, Story Adventures

What about toilet training?

Our beginner class has a helper employed full time to assist with nappy changes.

Regular toilet times are kept to help encourage the children out of nappies.

What about meals?

We supply healthy snack mid morning.

For those children attending waiting class we ask that a packed lunch be sent.

Children who move on to our aftercare are served a cooked lunch.

What curriculum does the school follow?

We follow the National Curriculum Statement and the Jolly Phonics Program as advocated by Farrarmere Primary School.

What happens during ring time?

All little people have morning class time.

In early morning ring they will have perceptual development, language development, learning colours, numbers and shapes.

During second ring the little ones will enjoy gross motor activities, singing, music and dramatisation.

How do we ensure the safety of your child?

Security cameras are placed at each entrance to ensure that only people familiar to the schools are allowed onto the premises. Gates are kept locked. Each person entering the school has to be remotely allowed entrance. Security cameras are also installed around the schools. Only those given authority by the parent are allowed to collect children.

When do the schools close for holidays?

The school follows the GDE 4 term cycle.  Our Aftercare Centre is open during school holidays, taking a short break during December.